The cornerstone of our practice, acupuncture is more than just ancient medicine. We invite you to experience its amazing benefits.

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If you value quality, compassion, knowledge and experience in your healthcare team, then look no further! Learn what sets us apart.

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Enjoy the relief natural medicine can bring you! Click here to view the conditions we’ve successfully treated.

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From innovative testing to advanced treatments, our services will help you regain health and vitality. Check out all that we offer.

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Our Mission

At Indian River Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine, our mission is to inspire, inform, and help every patient create optimal health, from infants to adults. To provide the best comprehensive care, we often integrate Oriental medicine with other natural healthcare techniques. Our extensive training beyond acupuncture allows us to offer you advanced treatments that produce maximum results!

+ Stop suffering from pain and illness that keeps you from fully enjoying life.
+ Create vibrant health and profound well-being on all levels.
+ Shift negative thoughts that are disturbing your peace of mind.
+ Discover just how amazing you can feel when you are truly balanced!

News & Press


  • With age 40 fast-approaching, I noticed deepening lines in my forehead and the corners of my mouth, as well thinning skin under my eyes. Overall, my skin was a bit lackluster. I decided to try Mei Zen in order to avoid injections and fillers and I am ecstatic with the results. After the third session, friends were asking me what I had “done.” By the last session, my skin felt tighter, the lines smoothed out and my skin tone was more vibrant. I now wear less make-up and I’ve even had people guess my age as eight years younger! I’m so glad that I trusted Jessica and the Mei Zen approach for a natural solution to combat my aging skin.

    Wendy Shafranski Mei Zen
  • I have been living in pain for the past six months, I have seen a G.P., a Pain Management Doctor, a Rheumatoligist, a Neurosurgeon, a Neurologist, and had nearly a dozen MRIs, Cat Scans. a Bone Scan, and multiple other tests to determine what was wrong. Needless to say, I preferred not to go into surgery! A friend suggested that I see an acupuncturist. I admit to being skeptical but I had nothing to lose... I began medical acupuncture treatments with Dr. Christine Nielson, MD. Less than two weeks later, I was out of pain completely. These women are professionals.

    Bill Baker Medical Acupuncture