Chinese herbs are prescribed to treat both your symptoms and underlying imbalances according to Chinese medical principles. Chinese herbs, when used properly, can drastically speed up the healing process.

Safety and Quality Matter

Chinese herbs are generally safe when prescribed by a competent practitioner. Although Chinese herbs can interact with some western medications, we are aware of these contraindications and will make certain your health is never at risk.

Quality is crucial for therapeutic effectiveness and for your safety. Herbal formulas are not regulated by the FDA as they are considered food supplements like vitamins. This means it is important to know the source of the herbs and to verify that the herbs are tested to be free of pesticides, fungi, yeast, molds, bacteria, heavy metals and other contaminants. Many of the cheap imports from China are contaminated with these substances, and have even been found to contain trace amounts of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals like pseudoephedrine.

Our Promise to You

At Indian River Acupuncture, you will NOT find any of these contaminated or inferior products on our shelves. The herbs we sell may cost a little more, but that is simply because we ONLY use companies that certify and guarantee their herbs to be 100% pure, validated by rigorous testing methods, including chromatography and immunoassay.


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